May 16, 2022

Strategic Conference

On Thursday 29th September we’ll be holding a Strategic FX Conference aimed at the Executive team within FX firms - CEOs, CFOs, CCOs and COOs.  This will be a full day of strategic content, with the theme ‘If I’d have known then what I know now’. We’re going to be talking about the industry, specific challenges you face as senior leaders within the FX and wider Payments industry and opportunities within the market over the next few years.  This will contribute towards your structured CPD requirement.

In keeping with the theme, Nick Leeson (yes...that Nick Leeson!) will be joining us to talk about his story, and it will be fascinating to hear about how businesses are at risk not only from outside threats but ones inside too.

We’ll also have experts giving their views on:

  • The view from Europe
  • A strategic view of the Payments market and what the competitive horizon looks like
  • In the 10 years since AFEP has been formed, how the industry has changed and what we can still expect
  • M&A activity and what investors are looking for when it comes to an exit
  • Networking, along with AFEP drinks which we’ve missed over the past 2 years!