AFEP is a non-profit association for Authorised Payment Institutions and E-Money Institutions operating in the European Economic Area.

The organisation was founded in 2012 in order to act as a representative body for payment companies.

Since its foundation, AFEP has developed into a well respected association that acts as the voice of the industry and liaises with government departments and regulatory bodies on important legislative matters.

The CEO Board

The CEO Board comprises of CEO’s from our member firms, representing multinational corporations through to smaller bespoke firms. The Board look at the strategic issues facing our industry to drive an increase in standards and professionalism.

The CEO Board is led by our Chairman Martin Bennett. View on LinkedIn

The Risk and Compliance Executive Committee

The Risk and Compliance Executive Committee comprises of Heads of Compliance and MLROs from member firms who represent the full spectrum of our industry. They have built an excellent relationship with the industry regulators including the FCA, HMRC and the Met Police. They are the driving force behind the AFEP Good Practice Guidance AFEP and they work closely with our Panel of Advisors to provide clarity as consistency as the Payment Services sector increases standards.

The Risk and Compliance Executive Committee is led by Millie Richardson. View on LinkedIn

The Finance Executive Committee

As the FCA increase their focus on Safeguarding, Capital Requirements and Liquidity, we have established a CFO working group, focusing on some of the key financial issues across Payment Services.

Contact us if you are interested in joining the CFO working group.