January 28, 2021

UKSIU Alerts

AFEP members via the AFEP portal will now start receiving alerts from the UK SIU.

The Sensitive Intelligence Unit is part of a national infrastructure that works to build a cross-border, comprehensive intelligence picture so that tactical support can be offered to organised crime investigations and crimes in action.

AFEP Members who receive the UK SIU alerts should ensure the following:

-      The reason as stated on the alerts remains confidential and is not disclosed to any third party outside of the financial crime team of the respective firm

-      Is processed in a timely and efficient manner

-      True matches are communicated to the UK SIU directly and not to AFEP

-      Where possible clients, beneficiaries and/or remitters should be screened for potential matches

-      If a client is trading then guidance should be sought directly from the UK SIU on whether the monies should be transacted or not. In some cases it maybe necessary to continue trading the funds. In all instances before terminating an account of a subject please seek guidance from the UK SIU as to the suitable next course of action

-      Under no circumstances is the Police interest to be revealed to the client(s)

In order to receive the alerts, member firms should ensure

-      Their contact details with Liz remain up to date

-      If there is a specific team who should receive them, then those details should be provided to Liz directly

The UK SIU will ensure that in the alerts they provide the following, where possible, to avoid false positives being reported:

-      Name(s)of the subject

-      Date of Birth

-      Last known address

-      Whether IP data exists or not (DO NOT SEND IP data) the UK SIU will gain the appropriate authority to obtain the IP data if needed.

-      DeviceID (if known)

-      Identification number i.e. passport if held

-      Mobile/landline number

-      Email address

If you wish to have any further guidance on these alerts please refer to Liz Alison, Denise Kehoe or Kam Biring who lead the AFEP FinCrime Exec Team

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