October 19, 2020

Fraud Alert - The Big Event / Sahil Gulam

“Sahil Gulam Aly Trading As The Big Event” applied as a wedding package company https://www.big-event.co.uk/.

An invoice was received for a wedding that was around 80k, stating a deposit of 20k needed to be paid for the wedding, however the date of the wedding was September this year. This raised a red flag as it had been and gone so too late for a 'deposit'.

The firm contacted the person on the invoice via BT’s white pages, and when asked what the purpose of the payment was and she stated “A 2 year bond". This didn't correlate to a wedding and the firm reported a SAR.

The individual name that applied for the corporate account was Sahil Gulam Aly and has been reported to the NCA.

Firms are advised to treat this account seriously reporting via a SAR/to the NCA as necessary and in accordance with your internal policies.

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