November 18, 2020

DPA Alert - Thamby

We have received a request from the Met Police to circulate the attached information in respect of multiple ongoing investigations. Β 

You should consider the information in accordance with your normal procedures and if you have a match to the individual or any questions you can contact the investigating officer directly via the DPAΒ that has been emailed.


Nathan THAMBY DOB 05/09/1989 alias Nathan MILLINGTON


He has the following relatives:

Brenda THAMBY aka MILLINGTON DOB 07/07/1963, Gonova THAMBY / MILLINGTON DOB 07/10/1981, ChaseTHAMBY DOB 01/09/1985, Nathaniel THAMBY DOB 01/09/1985, Shanice THAMBY / DANIELS DOB 07/10/1981,Reece THAMBY DOB 15/03/1995, Ryan THAMBY DOB 15/03/1995


The subject of this request is currently wanted for aggravated burglary and hoax bomb threats and believed to be in Thailand



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